split 7" with PFA

by Dance Or Die!!!

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released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Dance Or Die!!! Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Kelts Bennem Undort!

ha megéheznél, zabálj belőlem
ha szégyenkeznél, tűnj el örökre
ha hiányoznék, hányd ki a lelkem,
de ha visszajönnél, jusson eszedbe:

itt semmit sem hagytál,
amit érdemes lenne elpusztítani

ha selejtnek neveltél, ne hagyj remélni
ha ellenség kéne, kopogtass, kérlek
ha uralni akarsz, taníts meg félni,
mert ha levegőhöz jutok, neked úgyis véged


should you get hungry, gorge upon me
should you feel ashamed, disappear forever
should you miss me, puke my soul out
but in case you should ever come back, remind yourself:

you haven't left anything behind
that'd be worth being destroyed

once you brought me up to be a reject, don't let me hope
should you need an enemy, feel free to knock on my door
if you want to rule me, teach me how to dread
'cause if i get some air, for you that'll be the end
Track Name: Modernisation My Ass, Progress My Hole
unconcerned 'bout redemption
while floating overground
too busy with balancing
while dancing on a dot

it's just wasted time
to promise me
it ain't my home
the 21st century
Track Name: Music Industry
scientists of music, get yourselves killed
this song'll need 30 sec to execute
sluts of mainstream, get yourselves drilled

i want banned trends and mtv rock bands,
censored nonsense

reputed producers, starve to death
teenager idols, fall into decay
hope your hits'll be downloadable
before the release day
Track Name: We Counterweight
our generation's failed
but our voice is stonger
scream against the world
to save it from ourselves

fuck youth! fuck you!

i will yell with all my lungs
until i choke on satisfaction
i will yell with all my heart
until the beat stops
Track Name: It's All About Doing It In A Smart Way
a revolutionary sleeps on the roadsides
in his lungs; hundreds of trapped war cries

on his forehead;
a gaping hole breathes gunpowder smell
and lets revolutionary thoughts vanish in the air

between his eyes;
a brownish red, clotted runnel states:
we lost the war when we were born into these decades

in empty streets,
we're singing a monody and write it on the walls:
even our denial's worth more than a bunch of dead heroes